Iguazu Falls

It was lightly raining when we headed up to the top of Iguazu Falls. To reach it, you have to walk across what feels like an endless metal walkway over and across the biggest, fastest river I’ve ever seen in my life. The closer we got, the louder the roar of the falls became. When I arrived to the top of the falls, appropriately named Garganta del Diablo, Devil’s Throat, I couldn’t help but laugh and smile because it’s unbelievably loud, big, and beautiful (or maybe it was because of the negative ions that waterfalls generate which they say improve your mood). My reaction: “Omg! Holy shit! This is so cool. These falls make Niagra Falls look so sad!” Apparently when Eleanor Roosevelt saw it, she said “Poor Niagra”.

As we stood at the top of the falls, the rain quickly turned into a downpour. Within a minute, we were completely soaked including Marc’s waterproof hiking boots and my Goretex jacket. I quickly put on my poncho over my wet clothes. Marc thought the rain would slow down and decided he’d wait it out. The rain didn’t stop. In fact, it didn’t stop raining until the next morning. Our luck with good weather had run out. By the time we got off the walkway, Marc was drenched. The water in his boots were making squishy, swooshing sounds. After wringing out his shirt and dumping the water out of his boots, he put on his flip flops and poncho.

After we took a breather, we took the upper and lower trails to see the falls from across. These were not dirt trails, but a combination of pavement and metal railings.    Beautiful views, even in the rain.

I couldn’t use my camera in the rain so these are all iPhone pics. Not bad in the rain!

We also visited the three points which is where Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina meet. You can see all three countries in the picture below: left is Paraguay, right is Brazil, and I’m standing on Argentina.

And then steak for lunch!image

If I had planned it better, we would’ve gone to Güirá Oga for an 80 minute tour to see the jungle’s wildlife. It’s an animal hospital for the rehabilitation of injured animals and they also have endangered species here! We thought we didn’t have enough time but it’s really close and easy to get to. My one biggest regret on this trip so far was missing this! Gr. So try to check it out if you have time!


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