El Calafate

It’s really hard to maintain a blog while traveling in South America. Internet is so unpredictable. The writing part is easy since I can do that anywhere and then copy/paste to the blog when I find internet. Selecting and uploading pictures can take a few days though- mostly because I have to wait to upload it all when I find decent internet speed. Today, I spent two hours and successfully uploaded 6 pictures because the internet kept cutting in and out. But it’s something I look forward to sharing. My trip was based on people’s reviews and blogs.

We ended our short trip to El Chaltén this morning. It was extra windy today and kind of cloudy. We were definitely lucky we caught a clear day with low winds. Both of us really wished we had two nights there though. There is so much hiking to do there. It’s also hard to do much with my cold. Marc kept asking if we could stay a few more nights there. Although, now that I think of it, he’s been saying that about a lot of places: Lima, Arequipa, Valparaíso, Punta Arenas.. Just to name a few.

El Calafate is a big, tourist town and there are a lot of dining options. All are expensive. We had lamb stew on our first night which is definitely a Patagonian thing. We have passed by multiple restaurants in Chile and Argentina with a full body lamb butterflied, roasting in the window. It was good both times I had it. We also tried the parilla in El Calafate which was a bit more disappointing. Maybe my cold masked the flavor a but it just tasted greasy to me. It looks amazing though!

Anyway, we are off to walk along the big glacier tomorrow.


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