Isla del Sol

The day after we arrived in Copacabana, I took a day trip to the Isla del Sol by myself (Marc was still too sick). It was pretty easy to figure out without a tour. Went down to the docks around 8:15a, caught a boat to the north end, Cha’llapampa (it was soooo slow, it took us 2 hours!), hiked 45 minutes to the ruins and then went back to the docking area for the 1:30pm boat to the south side of the island, Yumani (I would’ve done the two hour trek from the north to the south but my poor, infected stomach just wasn’t up for it), hiked around there (the north was nicer), and then got back to Copa around 6. It was a fun day! I met some Canadians, Americans, Brits, and an Australian along the way and learned a lot about everyone’s experiences. And I got to hike and do my own thing on the island.

You really appreciate the size of Lake Titicaca (8400-sq-km lake) when you’re on a 2 hour boat ride. These boats are sooo old, if you sit in the bottom cabin, the entire boat fills up with smoke from the engine exhaust. It’s disgusting. Luckily, I only experienced this for 30 min (I don’t know how the locals do it regularly) and was on the top level for most of the boat rides.



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