Sacred Valley – Pisac

So after a long, arduous hike up the mountain, we reached the bottom of these stairs to some of the ruins. (We didn’t realize at the time that the actual Pisac ruins people come to see were much further out from here.) The ladies who had pushed me to continue said people don’t normally go up there. SO we did of course. This picture was only half way up the stairs. While we struggled to climb up, there were little boys running up and down these steps like nothing! Very motivational…

The trek up to Pisac Ruins was one of the most difficult hikes I have ever done, probably due to the altitude and because it was hot and I was in skinny jeans. This was Marc and me exploring at our finest – aka being lost and completely unprepared. We had no map and no idea where we were going. We made it to the top based on instructions from our colectivo driver and asking other local hikers around us. We clearly weren’t planning to hike that day. We probably should have taken a taxi up to the ruins…but miss a beautiful hike? No way! (Ok I say that now but half way up I was ready to give up and Marc and some old ladies made me keep going. Glad they did!)

The first 1.5 mile was really the hardest. It was straight uphill through a bunch of beautiful Inca agricultural terraces. The views were spectacular. Once we reached the top (see staircase picture and caption), we were ready to catch a taxi to go down. We walked up and down the hills/mountain, trying to find an exit, but we just kept on stumbling upon ruin after ruin. It was exhausting but exciting. At one point, we were at the bottom of a hill and saw a crowd of people at the top. They were all dressed nicely and we concluded they must have all taken a taxi up. We decided our best bet was to ask someone. We slowly made our way up and ended up at Inti Watana.

Inti Watana

We found some Americans with a book and a map (who would have thought to bring such things!) and they gave us directions on how to get back.


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