I love the views of the city from above. The city itself is too touristy though. People are constantly selling you things or trying to rip you off. Also, they’re always celebrating something. When we were there, they had fireworks going off at all hours (11p, 12am, 6am) and music playing all day/night long. We asked our guide what they were celebrating and he basically said he had no idea but there’s always something going on.

Peruvians approach us for two reasons:

1) To ask if we’re “china? japonés? coreano?” (Chinese? Japanese? Korean?) Some kids asked if they could take pictures with us because we were “chinitos”. We declined.

2) To buy something. This here is Marc being asked to buy something and telling the lady how his girlfriend is evil and won’t let him have nice things. I am taking this picture.

And of course, food! This was our lunch/dinner at Cicciolina.


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