I have been avoiding posting about Lima, mostly because my first impression of this place was really negative. The city is heavily polluted. It was super foggy when we arrived. It seemed like all the cab drivers were trying to rip us off. And I spent hours in an airport trying to catch a flight. The only positives were the cool people we met because our flight was cancelled.

I expected the food to blow my mind, but it was okay. We went to a very popular restaurant too, La Mar. (Apparently there was one in NYC at some point and it closed down.) It just felt like something I could eat in NYC (of course not for the same $ value).

I do have to say the people were really friendly though. For a huge city, they were really sweet and helpful. I had an Uber driver bring me back something I left in the car!

In summary, I’m a fan of the people, nothing else. I think you can tell how I felt about the city based on my pictures.

Marc would tell you Lima was amazing. He loved this city. I think it’s probably because he loves fog. Who likes fog??


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