The Right Time

Of course, it wasn’t easy. Life happens. But backpacking was my goal and I was determined to make it happen. We considered the options below:

Option 1: travel and work. We both have established careers that we wanted to keep (we are CPAs, not journalists, photographers, or teachers) and we couldn’t further our careers on the road with this option.

Option 2: quit and travel for a year. Working in the world of finance, gap years are not very common and may be looked down upon. The industry is still pretty old school and it’s just not Silicon Valley. We weren’t ready to give up our successful jobs/careers and spend time looking for a job upon our return. This wasn’t ideal.

Option 3: request a sabbatical and travel. Marc works at a large CPA firm where they have a sabbatical policy, but his group is normally understaffed. He wasn’t sure how his teams/bosses would respond to such a request. I work at a finance company where sabbaticals are basically unheard of. My team is pretty much always understaffed. Both of our jobs are cyclical at different times. There was a possibility neither of our jobs would approve this, but there was also a chance that they would.

Two years ago, we made the decision to take a risk and try option 3. We picked the best time for our jobs that worked for both of us. There is no RIGHT time. We knew we would have to commit ourselves and obviously perform at work in order for our employers to even consider option 3.


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